Founded in 1997, the Long Tail Company has been serving quality food and service for an amazing 18 years. Throughout the years, we have been operating 7 restaurants and takeaway stores, and have received multiple outstanding awards.

Our motivation to get out of bed in the morning has, and will always be to see the delighted faces of our customers!

Our company concept is to provide a place where you can ‘Feel and experience the real flavours and service of Japan here in Sydney’.

Our store leaders are all passionate professionals trained in Japan in their specialised areas, expressing their remarkable talents and skills at our stores daily.

The crew here are nuts about serving fine quality and flavours, and we love what we do.

Awarded the SMH Good Food Best Noodle 2014, the ingredients selected at Ramen Zundo are fresh and of superior quality. We also take a step further and try to make everything homemade- created from scratch. Our noodles, soups, bases and toppings are also proudly homemade to bring you the authentic Japanese experience.

We have chicken and pork broth, and our soups are boiled over 12 long hours to create our signature rich flavour and aroma. Our noodles -there are two types- Hosomen and Futomen are also both made fresh daily using premium Australian flours. Furthermore, our famous juicy chashu slices are also handmade using high quality beautifully marbled pork belly and our secret soy-based sauce.

We are confident that even visitors from, and or those freshly back from a trip in Japan craving the real food from the country will be satisfied with our flavours and quality.