The Real Ramen From Japan

At Ramen Zundo, we’re passionate about what we do, and from soup to noodles, we try to make everything homemade, from scratch.

Our signature flavoursome soups are carefully boiled over 12 long hours to create their distinct smooth and tasty richness. This soup is then combined with our own original exquisite, aroma and umami-filled bases.

Our toppings are also carefully selected and made. Take our much loved chashu for example. The mouth-melting goodness is achieved using our selected high quality pork belly, marinated in our original secret soy sauce. The meat is then rolled into a tight circle to form its signature balanced marble.

We even hand make our own original noodles using the perfect blend of quality Australian flours. Our two types of noodles –thin for ramen and thick for tsukemen- cling beautifully to their respective soups.

The Zundo Crew is passionate and love what we do- We’re proud to serve you the very best!


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